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Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturing times do vary depending on the work involved and the availability of the materials.  However, we normally aim to have memorials in place between 14 - 16 weeks from the point of receiving the signed confirmation form.

How long will it take to make my memorial?

How long do I have to wait before putting a memorial in place?

The minimum time before a memorial can be placed after burial is decided by the local authority or parochial council.  It is normally a minimum of 6 months but may be as much as a year.  Bear in mind though, that it could take us 4 months to make a memorial from the point of order.


Although waiting a year may seem excessive, it is in place for a very good reason.  A grave needs time to settle after a burial, and if a heavy memorial is placed onto the grave too early, it may start to tilt or sink.  It also gives the cemetery or church authorities an opportunity to level and turf the grave.

Do you charge for quotations?

We do not charge for preliminary reports or quotations.  We also offer a memorial design service, and generally, any work undertaken prior to an order being placed is free of charge.

How do I pay for the memorial?

Once you have approved our quotation, we will send you an order confirmation form.  We normally ask for a deposit of approximately 50% of the final amount, to be returned with your signed confirmation form.

The remaining 50% is normally payable once the memorial is in place.

Do I need to contact the cemetery before you put a memorial in?

We contact the church or cemetery on your behalf, when seeking permission to install a new memorial.

We do, however, need a signature from the registered grave owner before we are able to proceed with any work.

Do you guarantee your work?

We guarantee our workmanship and memorials for 10 years, however we fix our memorials in such a way that they should remain sound for at least 30 years.  The lettering (such as the gilding or enamelling) will degrade over the time, and will require repainting after 10-15 years.  Our fixers have obtained the BRAMM fixers licence, and we are happy to adhere to their stringent requirements when it comes to fixing memorials.  We use materials and methods to fix our memorials, which have been tested (and have exceeded BS guidelines.