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Pay It Forward

Have you seen the film, Pay It Forward?

It is about a boy who wants to make the world a nicer place, by helping others out, and who wants nothing in return.  All he asks, is that the person he helped does a good deed for another person, who in turn does a good deed for another person & so on.

This got me thinking about my line of work.

During my work, I visit churches and cemeteries with many, many memorials, which appear to be untended and may be beginning to fall into disrepair.  My idea was to clean random memorials as a good deed, and ask for nothing in return.


I completed my first 'Pay it forward' deed in October 2013, and cleaned the memorial stone to a little boy.

















This left me with another quandry.  What would happen if the family visited the grave, but knew that they hadn't asked anyone to clean it.  Would they be worried that the wrong memorial had been cleaned by mistake?

I decided to get some cards printed, which I could leave on the grave after cleaning, not to promote my business or anything like that - that's not what it's all about - but to tell them who cleaned it and why.

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